Thanh Long Restaurant and Bakery

Authentic Asian dining specializing in Vietnamese cuisine is presented at Thanh Long Restaurant and Bakery on SW College Street and Broadway. The restaurant is family owned. Menu selections include Vietnamese Noodle Soup, Saigon Chow Mein, Curry, Phad Thai, and much more. Service is excellent, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is warm and comfortable. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner.

Try the hoisin sauce!


2 responses to “Thanh Long Restaurant and Bakery

  1. I have never tasted Vietnamese food before. How does it compare to other Asian cuisine? I would like to try it, especially the baked goods. It looks lovely to eat outside when it’s not raining!

    • My experience with Vietnamese food is quite limited – here at this restaurant and once long ago at a Vietnamese Restaurant in New York City. I have found that the food at this Portland restaurant was much more familiar yet had unique qualities. The food in my meory from so long ago was quite different, less recognizable and food combinations were a little more extreme. Both excellent, but different. It is quite possible that international cuisine being so much more prevalent today and far more available makes the selections more recognizable.

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