The Art of Construction

An abandoned construction site in the heart of downtown has had a facelift…finally. What once was to be a high-rise tower, The Park Avenue West Tower, became a pit full of debris when construction came to a halt a few years ago. The entire block was fenced and boarded, leaving signs and equipment visible. A huge crane remained, looming over the downtown area for more than two years, that crane’s presence the target of a lawsuit.

In a collaborative effort among the construction company, international and local artists, and New Avenues for Youth (an organization dedicated to working with homeless youth), the block-long construction site has been neatly fenced and decorated, and the crane has been removed. A mural now surrounds the abandoned construction site, replacing an eyesore with color and design.

There is talk of the project resuming in the next year or so. Until then, the current facelift is a welcome improvement.


One response to “The Art of Construction

  1. Definitely a temporary improvement until building resumes. Let’s hope the economy improves enough in Portland to get this project going again!

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