Tinkle Bells

Hear ye, hear ye! The holiday season has come to an end. The Christmas Room has been stripped of its association with any and all holidays, and this just 2½ days after Christmas. The Christmas season not linked to any particular holiday or religion has passed and our community room has been restored to normalcy.

So what’s next? Valentine’s Day is coming. Surely the long dreary Portland winter can use a little warmth. Perhaps our decorator can set to work with lots of red velvety hearts, cupids, incense, and candlelight. A lovely red sock perhaps with dangling bells could hang from the entry doorknob to indicate passion beyond. Two tall wine glasses stationed atop the mantle marked HIS and HERS could complete the ambiance.

Only two wine glasses, HIS and HERS? If these do not suit you, please find another place. We do not have to be sensitive, inclusive,  or politically correct here.


2 responses to “Tinkle Bells

  1. I think you need another “hers” to the left and a “his” to the right- it’s only fair.

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