Work In Progress

Last night’s frenzied work crew was not on scene today. Instead we awoke to find the area marked off with caution banners and plastic sheeting which was secured as a walkway from the drilling site all the way to the end of the corridor and around to the elevator. There were no signs of workmen, no instruments of torture, no notices posted with information. In all probability, the dowsers were elsewhere in the building, still seeking water.

For  today, our path to the trash room, the lobby, and our gateway to the world remained available, unlike last night when that path was closed without warning, notice, or explanation. It appears as though there will be interruptions of some unknown upcoming. I pray the water is not shut off while I am in the shower!

We are but mere owners in this joint venture we call condominium. We do not have to know. We only have to foot the bill.


What do you think?

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