The next board of directors meeting will take place this Monday, February 20, at the usual time and place. The agenda has been posted in various locations around the building.  The agenda, as presented, is designed to lure owners and residents to what looks to be a very exciting meeting.


New business appears to be most intriguing. Discussions will include C1 lease, BMC, and transfer to CDARS. If those are not enough acronyms to stimulate your brain cells, other acronyms will surely be bandied about during the meeting.




4 responses to “HOA BOD

  1. It bothers me when people capitalize preposition words. I don’t know why. It just bothers me. What a funny thing to be a grammar stickler about.

    • I do not think that the people involved in communicating HOA details are in any way informed as to style guides or principles of writing…or principles of speaking. Communication is just not the strong suit (as you probably can tell).

      I am kind of hoping that the BMC Discussion is Book-Of-The-Month-Club. I suppose it might stand for Big-Man-on-Campus as we seem to have a few of those. Any other thoughts?

  2. Another quibble would be an outline section that contains only one subdivision (as in item VIII above).

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