An owner requested reimbursement for replacement and installation of a microwave oven at tonight’s board meeting. Having experienced issues with our microwave’s incompatibility with the building’s duct work, it is not surprising that the issue comes up again and again. Microwave issues have been reported on this blog here, here, here, and here. To this day, I am not confident that our problem has been resolved and I continue to avoid running the clothes dryer for the hour before preparing meals requiring use of the microwave.

New policy was adopted a year or more ago that the HOA would no longer reimburse owners for their zapped microwaves regardless of fault. The duct work remained an active issue, however. Tonight the owner was requesting reimbursement for both the microwave and the installation because, according to her, she had been reporting problems for the past four years and although the board has addressed her problems by sending a repair crew on more than one occasion, those repairs did not remedy the situation. This time, she purchased a new microwave and had it professionally installed and was advised to avoid the duct work, seal off the vent, and have the microwave vent into the room instead of to the outdoors. She now lives with cooking odors, but at least her microwave functions, she told me.

The board was not very encouraging. She was told that it is the unit owner’s responsibility to manage the problem since policy has been established. “Don’t you read the minutes?” she was asked. “I don’t get those,” she responded. “Aren’t they sent to everyone in email?” Hello?

And the newest twist in the ducts: The board now denies responsibility for ducts.



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