Planning Committee Needed

I am not a window expert. I open windows, I close windows, I decorate windows. I prefer aluminum framework and casings to wood to keep maintenance to a minimum. Only once have we replaced a window in any of our homes; we found the bullet hole in a kitchen window to be unappealing.

When we first moved to this unit, I had a discussion with a board member, one who no longer serves, about windows. I expressed my surprise at how drafty the windows are in our unit. He told me then that once I install drapes and other window cover-ups, we would not have those drafts. There was no hint that replacing windows would be an answer (or even an option).

A few years later, unit owners began installing sound-proofing windows. First one unit owner requested approval from the board, then another. Not long after that, the board sanctioned one window company for window replacements, and so began a steady trickle of owners replacing windows.

Then the building committee recommended that all common area windows be replaced. “It’s a funded item,” the building committee reported, ensuring no argument. We were told that some windows needed replacement now (I did not quite catch the reason) and others would follow, so it was recommended that all common area windows be replaced now. I believe the number is 22 or 24.

I do not know what determines the need to replace a window. I have not heard of any broken, cracked, warped, misshapen, misaligned, or corroded windows or parts. I have heard only of minor leaks or drafts – the stuff I was told just a few years ago simply needed some fabric decoration. Nevertheless, today and tomorrow (and every bone in my body hopes we are done tomorrow) all of the common area windows throughout the building are being replaced.

It is wintertime. It is cold and rainy and windy outdoors. With all these windows being replaced, it is cold indoors, too – bone-chilling cold! Could we not have waited for spring?


What do you think?

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