Bright Ideas

To make way for more bicycles, the recycle area has been moved! The recycle containers for plastic and paper are now located further inside the Clay Street garage, away from the collection sites for cardboard and glass, now in a dark area, without benefit of overhead lighting.

Our board of directors has demonstrated their view of lighting in and around our building over and over again as unnecessary. They have exchanged bright fluorescent lighting over unit entry doors with diminished harsh lighting, eliminated more than 50% of the stairwell lighting, and now have moved a well trafficked recycle area into darkness.

I went to deposit my recycle trash today and discovered the move to darkness. I shudder to think what lurks in a dark area of a dank garage where garbage is collected. Sadly, I will no longer be recycling.

Miner's hat? Flashlights? Candles? Bring your own lighting.


What do you think?

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