On the Move

My growing collection of unwanted paper products needed a place to be. Being a responsible citizen, I opted to bite the bullet and bring it to the recycle bins in the garage. I was not pleased to have to go to the new location, but did so anyway. To my surprise, the recycle containers for paper and plastic were moved again. Now they were back in their original place. Gentle readers, not for even an instant did I think that my opinions expressed here effected a result. Rather I knew explanation was available somewhere.

A little investigation revealed that the cans were not supposed to have been moved. Someone had moved all of the paper and plastic collection bins to the new location without authorization. According to a reliable source, the second location is limited common area earmarked for other purposes. I was also informed that collecting paper in that second area presents a fire hazard.

Although plans for a caged area for bicycle storage in the current recycle area had been discussed in detail by the board of directors at a meeting several months ago and such plans might have explained the relocation of recycle receptacles, it seems such plans have since been abandoned.

And so the recycle containers continue to be moved. There are about 8 or 10, each on wheels.  They have all been moved from here to there and back again between the two locations, and apparently more than once each way, as a battle continues. Neither side knows the identity of the other. Why the cans are being moved remains a mystery.


What do you think?

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