Stranger in Paradise

A man was standing near the entry gate to our building as we approached. He seemed out of place. Most striking was how he seemed to intentionally avoid eye contact. He was tall and thin and somewhat disheveled, his hair was in disarray and greasy-looking. He stood awkwardly, looking about yet looking nowhere. We proceeded in our normal fashion, swiped our access card, and passed through the secure gate and on into the building. This man moved immediately into place behind us and followed us into the building. We went to the staircase and observed that he walked through the lobby, perhaps to the elevator, relieved that he did not follow us further.

That was a week or so ago. We had not seen him again and did not give him any more thought, until today.

As we entered the lobby from the stairwell today, this stranger emerged from the elevator. He was wearing the same clothes he had worn at our previous encounter. Again he avoided eye contact as he went over to the bulletin board. Our backs were to him as we went through our mail but we were aware of his presence. Glancing back over my shoulder, I could see he was watching us as he pretended to be looking at the bulletin board. We did not dally.

The membership has been instructed to confront anyone trying to enter our building without access key/card by gently denying such access. Especially n this case, I would not dare! Then again, perhaps the stranger lives here!


What do you think?

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