Condo Competition

Somebody posted one page from a multipage newsletter belonging to the American Plaza Towers Condominium on the bulletin board in our lobby today. American Plaza Towers is nearby on SW First Avenue. Their complex is composed of three tall towers and includes lots of amenities like swimming pools, onsite management, onsite security, guest parking and much more. Many units have wonderful panoramic views of the West Hills and other areas of Portland. Although they are farther from the downtown core, they are on the streetcar line, and the city’s core shopping district is still available.

The one page that was pinned to our bulletin board was headed “Faulty Towers.” This apparently is a regular newsletter feature and lists all reported problems at American Plaza Towers and how those problems were addressed. Presumably it was the person who pinned the page that highlighted some “concerning” reports and then wrote across the bottom “and you thought we had problems!!!” Frankly, considering the size of the American Plaza Towers population, those highlighted incidents seemed few and rather trivial.

That page and its comment prompted me to learn more. A little googling found an old 12-page American Plaza Tower newsletter from September 2008 which I read in its entirety. From there, I also found an extensive website as well as an affiliated realtor’s website, all of which included condo documents, board news, events and on and on.

From their website, American Plaza Towers Condominium Association is planning for their upcoming annual meeting. This is treated as an event worthy of planning and publicity. They have a nominating committee that handles the elections to the board. They recommend that candidates for a board position meet the following three simple requirements:

  • lived at AP for at least 1 year in a primary residence,
  • served on committees and shown leadership and communication skills
  • committed to the time necessary to serve.

From a marketability standpoint, American Plaza Towers is our competition. Some of the things they do could be implemented here and would serve to improve livability while boosting marketability. We could learn from their newsletter and their website. Those two things alone do more for marketability than all the decorating we can pay for!


What do you think?

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