For the Record

In an interview posted on today, Matt Groening, creator of the long-running animated comedy show The Simpsons revealed the “real” location of the setting for the show. More than 34 states have a Springfield, one of the most popular city names in the nation, and the home of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, and of course, Bart.

It has long been kept secret where the real Springfield is, but in today’s Smithsonian Magazine online, Matt Groening disclosed the hometown of the Simpsons as our very own Springfield, Oregon, just 100 miles south of his Portland home. Many of the street names used in the cartoon series actually come from Portland streets familiar to the creator. In fact, stated the creator in the interview, Evergreen Terrace is the street address given for the Simpson family and also the name of the street where he grew up in Portland.

Matt Groening attended Lincoln High school in Portland. Etched in the sidewalk on SW 18th Avenue just behind the school is a drawing of Bart Simpson, dated “class of 1972” and signed by the creator.


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