Welcoming Committee

Ours is a quiet building. People come and go and yet the hallways are quiet. There is only an occasional glimpse of a neighbor with a cheerful hello.

Two years ago, our neighbors across the hall expanded their family. Even though they had two dogs to walk regularly and then a baby to cart to and fro, we rarely saw them or heard them. When the baby became a toddler, the safety-conscious parents requested that the HOA place safety plugs in all hallway electrical outlets. The Board of Directors responded by telling them to supply the doohickeys and insert them where they felt the need, with board permission. This was done promptly.

In the past few weeks we noticed that the doohickeys were suddenly gone – every one of them. We had not seen our neighbors in some time, but the absence of those doohickeys was a flag. However, we did not notice any movement of furniture or boxes either in or out.

This evening, I met a woman in the trash room. This is the place I tend to meet all new neighbors.  As I was sending my bagged garbage down the chute, a woman entered. Naturally, I said hello and introduced myself and she responded in kind. Our new neighbors are in the unit just across the hall, which explains the missing doohickeys. They have been in the Portland area for five years and are now enjoying their new apartment.

Most communities have a welcoming committee of some sort. Ours meets in the trash room. Welcome Cynthia and Bruce.


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