Little Things

At the most recent HOA meeting, some gestures were made toward neighborliness. (Please see New Beginnings.) The new chairman even mentioned the word! Today a well lit lobby grabbed the attention of every resident and guest that walked through. The improved lighting brought on a lot of smiles and stimulated conversation (about lighting) among neighbors.

After two years of decreasing lighting over entry doors, in trash rooms, and in stairwells, it was a pleasant surprise to find good lighting restored in the lobby. Hopefully this is the start of a trend.

There is talk that the decorating committee is thinking about improved lighting, too.

It is the little things, like lighting, that bring out the smiles, and the neighborliness.


4 responses to “Little Things

  1. Wow, I can even see the difference in the picture!

    • It is a dramatic difference.

      The lighting over entry doors is being replaced when bulbs go out with the old, brighter, whiter light, but not in every case. It is kind of hit or miss at this point, but every little bit helps.

      The powers that be are mostly on the top floors so they use the elevators. The stairwells, however, need help. They are heavily trafficked, dimly lit, musty, and dirty. It is a shame because they are carpeted and could and should present well. If “they” knew the realtors also use those stairs (and they do), they’d act on it.

      • It’s also a safety hazard. In emergency evacuations, people need to be able to take the stairs, and they need to be able to see where they are going.

        • It is inferior lighting, but in an emergency situation, the backup lighting would probably come on. In all likelihood, hat is even less lighting; it usually is.

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