Our University Station post office is moving. Their new location will be at the First & Main building at SW First Avenue and Main Street beginning January 2013. OregonLive.com has reported the post office has signed a new lease there and will join other federal offices already at that location.

For those of us who enjoyed the convenience of having a post office right across the street, the new location will require a walk of 10 blocks, about a mile round trip. The new location does not have parking provisions.

The new post office location will be known as Waterfront Station.


4 responses to “Farewell

  1. That’s too bad. I wonder if the employees are happy about the move.

    • My guess is the carrier for our building isn’t thrilled. Or maybe he’d prefer a longer walk. It is a new building, which always pleases workers (unless their commute is affected negatively). Bottom line: who knows! 🙂

      • Or if they have no parking!

        • I would imagine many use public transportation. Access to that location is great. However, they are doing away with the “rail free zone” soon – before the move. So public transportation downtown will no longer be free. That could factor into perceptions and reality. It will also impact patrons who are toting packages for mailing.

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