The Happy Dance

These are hard economic times. The middle class is shrinking, money is tight, and services are being cut. TriMet is eliminating the free rail zone, the public library system is shutting down on Mondays, schools are in dire need of maintenance and repair. This economic climate did not begin this week, this month, or even this year. Instead of improvement over time, we continue to see cuts in services.

Yet the Portland Downtown Business District did not hesitate to impose a new tax on us. One select segment of condo owners living outside the core retail district is taxed, forced to pay for business services. Not enough, the Downtown Business Improvement District is seeking to include even more condominiums, We were led down the primrose path with promises of a cleaner and safer environment.

An email was sent out today from the director of the Revenue Bureau. In it, he wrote:

The Revenue Bureau has posted its final report regarding the District at (click on the link titled, “Downtown Business District Expansion and Fee Formula Final Recommendations”).

The report contains the Bureau’s final recommendations regarding the expansion of the District and the condominium fee formula.  The recommendations are, in brief:

  1.  Do not expand the Downtown Business District, and;
  2.  Do not change the condominium fee formula.

Our neighbors at the Eliot and the Benson (and others) are doing the Happy Dance tonight.


6 responses to “The Happy Dance

  1. Wait, no more fareless square?

    • Congrats indeed – to the other 10 condominiums who fought loud and hard for their interests, but not for us. We were led to the slaughterhouse in the first wave.

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