And the Seal Goes On

It is deck sealing time. I confess, I do not know why we seal a deck, when we seal a deck, or how we seal a deck. What I do know is that several months ago, we were told that our deck would be sealed and we should be prepared to remove all personal property from our deck before the work commences, which was scheduled for the week beginning Monday, June 25. We were also told to allow ample time for the seal to cure and we would be responsible for damages that might result from impatience.

I assumed that the work would get done in a few hours or a day. Naturally I hoped our day would be Monday, the first day, and the project would conclude quickly. So I went in search of an answer to how long for the cure.

I asked the building committee chairman. He thought he had heard “a week,” but did not know, and would inquire. I asked the deck sealing workman who mercifully (I thought) showed up on Monday and he said “about 24 hours.” A building committee member today stated that the cure is 72 hours. I asked another workman a little later today and his response was “24 hours to walk on it, 72 hours to place furniture on it.”

It turns out that deck sealing is a big project. It goes on for days and days and days.

  • Day 1:  Furniture removal. All personal property is moved into our tiny living room.
  • Day 2:  Pressure washing.
  • Day 3:  Grinding. The entire deck surface undergoes noisy grinding – inch by inch.
  • Day 4:  Cracks are filled. Some kind of gunk is applied to all seams (where floor meets walls, etc.
  • Day 5:  (Smelly) base coat of sealant is applied.
  • Day 6:  (Presumably smelly) top coat of sealant is applied.
  • Day 7 and onward (no end date given):  Touchups.

Today is Day 5. I still do not know how long for the cure. I do know that already the deck looks fantastic!


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