New Loo Preview

We have been watching city workers digging, installing sewer pipes, and working long hours behind a fenced area on the South Park Blocks at Columbia. Not knowing what was being done, we assumed it was repair work of some sort. We have come to find out that the City of Portland has been busy constructing that new loo they talked about a year ago

Last July, Condo Life reported city officials were looking for a location downtown for a new loo. (Please see post “New Loo” for details.) It was stated then that the new loo would likely find a home NEAR, but not IN, the Park Blocks. Well, neighbors, the location has been selected. In fact, construction of the new loo is underway and nearing completion.

Just one block away from our home, and nestled snugly in the South Park Blocks at Columbia, the location comes as a surprise even to the Downtown Neighborhood Association.

The new loo has its first flush scheduled for mid July.

A work in progress.


What do you think?

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