The City Has Rules

Participants at the City Hall encampment were issued warnings today. They were presented with fliers detailing city code and enforcement policies. reported today, “The flier reminded campers to remove all personal property from sidewalks, to not obstruct other sidewalk users, to remove all structures from the sidewalk, that marijuana use and open alcohol containers are prohibited, and that ‘no one should be having sex on the sidewalk’ in accordance with public indecency laws.”



5 responses to “The City Has Rules

  1. haha! Probably a correlation with the last 3 prohibitions on the list!

    • The article noted that the encampment has been growing over the past six months. No rules have been enforced so far. I believe this is only their first warning.

  2. Sheesh, they won’t let you do anything in Portland! πŸ˜›

  3. “β€˜no one should be having sex on the sidewalk”
    Well, damn!

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