Boil Water Notice

Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth – Act 4, scene 1


Portland west of the Willamette River (our part of town) has been issued a Boil Water Notice by the Portland Water Bureau. Water samples tested positive for bacteria (total coliforms and E.coli) which indicates possible contamination by human or animal waste.

Until further notice, drinking and cooking water must be brought to a rolling boil for a full minute. Dishes must be rinsed with boiled water, teeth must be brushed with boiled water (after it cools, please).

Benson Bubblers, drinking fountains located throughout the downtown area, have been made unavailable during this water emergency.

The city is serious. We received notice by email, telephone, and fliers  posted EVERYWHERE. I heard it first on facebook.

We experienced a similar alert in 2009. We know the drill.

– – – – – – – – – –

Update: Boil water notice lifted Sunday morning. All clear!



4 responses to “Boil Water Notice

  1. I don’t think this affects us over here in Beaverton, but I’m gonna double-check!! Yuck!

  2. Can you buy huge cheap bottles of mineral water?
    By the way – hello! I’m on WordPress still… and have a new blog. Clicky my name! 🙂

    • Hi Val! Excited to see you! I’ll be checking out your blog (and bookmarking it). We have to catch up!! As for the bottled water – we went out for dinner that night. Figured it was easier to let a local eatery deal with the water problems than us deal with it at home. Their solution? A small bottle of drinking water to accompany dinner with a price tag of $2.25!! I nearly fainted! 🙂 Fortunately the whole mess was cleaned up by morning at which point I had a refrigerator full of boiled water in various pots and containers. Wish I could have sold some of that at $2.25 per 8 ounces! 🙂

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