O Gnomeo, Gnomeo! Wherefore art thou Gnomeo?

On the Portland streetcar this Saturday afternoon, that’s where!

A group of colorful, boisterous, and slightly tipsy gmomes filled the southbound streetcar this afternoon. They chanted and cheered . They sang songs with altered lyrics, like Bobby Vinton’s 1969 hit:

                       To gnome, gnome, gnome you
                       Is to love, love, love you…

They delighted themselves and everyone else as we made our way along SW 11th Avenue.


8 responses to “Gnomeo

  1. Was this a flash mob??

    • I don’t think this qualifies as a flash mob. More likely a convention. From the level of merriment, I would guess lunch included cocktails before they broke up to do some sightseeing. Or something.

  2. I just Googled “Portland Gnome Convention” and one of the top results was your blog entry. 😀

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