As of August 25, our mail service will change. Mail delivery will be coming from Forest Park until January when the new Waterfront Station is in service. In conversation today with a long-time employee at our post office and neighbor across the street, I learned quite a bit about the fate of the employees, the transition, and the plans for the site. So what will be the fate of this location?

If you were dreaming about a New Seasons Market, Trader Joe’s, or any convenience otherwise lacking in our immediate vicinity, prepare to be disappointed. It will not come as a surprise to most that Portland State University is planning to gobble up this location as it has been gobbling up every available space around us.

As Portland State University continues to close in around us, how long will it be until they sink their teeth into us, our building, our superb location? It might not be too early for us to be thinking about that possibility.



2 responses to “Anticipation

  1. Where is PSU getting all of this money for continued expansion?

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