Fifty Shades of Brown

Our decorating committee hosted a presentation by their selected decorator. Approximately 35 people attended, representing a hefty turnout. The purpose was to begin a conversation among owners. Common areas will undergo “rehab” in the coming months to include new carpet and paint.

To my delight, our decorator Lisa began with the subject of lighting. Although not in the budget, she feels money can be carefully spent so that improved lighting could be accommodated. She described in detail how desperate the building is for better lighting. She went so far as to say that all the lighting changes that have been made in the past few years were horrible and she would like to “strangle the people who did that.” She brought with her a few fixture samples and described the improved lighting effects. Her hope is to install a few of her suggestions in a location where everybody would be able to experience the difference and then weigh in on it.

She then turned her attention to carpet and paint. She had a number of display boards and mockups on display and described all of the amazing color contrasts and how bright and cheery our corridors would be. I saw 50 shades of brown. I was not alone.

Someone asked about the stairwells and Lisa was quick to respond that stairwells are not a priority because “nobody uses them.” There was an immediate outcry from the collective gathering, much to Lisa’s surprise. She then said that the carpeting in the stairways was actually in good condition and only needed a good scrubbing. As for lighting in the stairwells, Lisa had no recommendations. She did not seem to think there was much that could be done there. Half of the fluorescent bulbs from the existing fixtures in the stairwells were removed a couple of years ago as a cost-saving measure. We could start by restoring them!

After the meeting, I asked Lisa why there were no color choices. She said “color is outdated,” that she was presenting current color schemes – brown. One attendee stated that PSU is taking over the neighborhood and everything is going brown. He suggested we go with black and white to be interesting and stand apart.

I will be happy if good lighting is restored. Then let there be brown.

The focal point – 3 carpet samples


One response to “Fifty Shades of Brown

  1. Yay for Lisa’s lighting!

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