Fashion Sense

It is pretty much a given that all the common areas will be brand new shades of brown. No other options were presented by the decorator, the reason being “color is outdated.” So brown it is.

We also know that we need four different shades of brown for corridor paint. These choices may or may not be influenced by any of the browns in the carpeting yet to be chosen.

Areas to be painted in a fashionable and color coordinated manner from top to bottom are:

  1. Ceiling and upper walls
  2. Chair rail
  3. Wainscoting
  4. Unit entry doors

(There is unmentioned molding at the base of the wall. Do we need a fifth brown?)

I googled “brown color schemes” and came upon quite a few different palettes. There are lots of choices for browns out there. It is no wonder we need the assistance of a decorator to sort through all those browns!

Browns – One color palette of many

We have a welcome mat that looks like one of the palettes presented by the decorator. It sits just inside our unit entryway. Apparently we are so in vogue!


5 responses to “Fashion Sense

  1. I don’t know why, but brown seems very 70s to be. Maybe you could use orange as a contrast color.

    But you know, we looked at office furniture the other day and they didn’t actually say it, but it was all brown. Well, wood and grey metal. That’s what we will be getting, I suppose. Our carpet is green and our chairs are green and everybody says that is outdated.

    • So many typos. My apologies.

    • Contrast colors will be shades of brown. No orange. No color. Brown – everybody’s favorite color. Just accept it.

      If I were decorating now and brown was my only choice because fashion trends controlled the free market, I would just wait. Brown is sure to be outdated – soon enough.

      Personally I miss red. Bright, pure red. It will come back. 🙂

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