Last February, the owner of Mellow Mood, a tobacco shop, with realtor in tow and rental space owned by a seated board member, presented to the association plans for opening a retail outlet in our building at the corner of Broadway and Clay Streets. (See Mellow for blog details reported last February.) Two board members had visited an existing Mellow Mood location prior to the February board meeting to get first-hand knowledge of how the store would present. One of those board members described the store as a “head shop.”

The retail space has remained vacant since then, with little sign of any activity. Word was that the deal to rent the space went south due to snags in contractual agreements.

At tonight’s meeting, the subject was reintroduced. It seems Mellow Mood is still interested in the retail space and negotiations continue. The board expressed support for the deal as a “win-win” situation.

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Update:  Mellow Mood in the news: (Click here to read more.)


3 responses to “Groovin’

  1. Mellow Mood also blows smoke in our area of the country.

  2. Good news! Owner of Mellow Mood location in Moorhead, Minnesota reaches deal with state prosecutors over selling banned substances. Here’s the news item from the WDAY-TV web site:

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