It is Written

The decorating committee has taken on a massive project: redecorating most of our common areas – new carpeting, new paint, improved lighting, added art work. Of course, budget will impose constraints, and residents will impose conflicting viewpoints. It is a project that has been underway for almost a year and is still in the planning stages.

There have been meetings – committee meetings where ideas are introduced and examined and readied to present to the board, board meetings where plans are discussed and plans move forward, and presentations to the membership in search of opinions and some sense of cohesion where unanimity is destined not to happen.

In the past few days, an area in the community room has been set up to display carpet and paint samples, as well as lighting and art ideas. Most notable is the notebook that has been left for residents to enter their ideas and opinions. The only requirement is that commenters be identified; anonymous entries will not be considered.

Instead of whispers, residents are speaking out now. They are putting their thoughts in writing for all to see. The notebook has fast become the most popular reading material in the community. In it, we can find preferences, sentiments, opposition, deep thoughts, and random thoughts. My favorite so far: “We have lost…convenient post office…[it is] more important than ever to update.”

I can’t wait for the sequel.


What do you think?

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