October Tweet

  • Present – 14, includes 3/5 BOD. 7 units represented.
  • Oregon Open Meeting Laws explained. Board-only email for informational purposes only.
  • Minutes from last meeting: Too much detail. Redo. Approved pending deletions.
  • Decorating Committee – Christmas lights/party budget increase – approved.
  • Upgrade fire/emergency lights. $16,000.
  • Security cameras – $5,464 – no emergency. $400 for signage instead. (Promised by former board member, not delivered, not remembered.) Pacific Patrol: Very effective: “I say ‘hi’ to them.”
  • Dryer vent camera – $1,800-2,000 to look for problems.
  • Art reserves (for new art). Numbers, dates, confusion. What are you asking for? A placeholder.
  • Lighting, lighting, lighting. Forget lighting. No budget.
  • USPS lockboxes for lobby. Convenience. $2,000-3,000. Maybe more. Go.
  • Fountain leak.$13,000? $1,300. No problem.

4 responses to “October Tweet

  1. Why would a person spend time deleting things from the minutes? Hmmm.
    When I take minutes, I do try to make them as concise as possible, but I don’t edit them to shorten them after the fact.

    Very sad about the no funding for lighting. I think the hallways in your building are too dim — and I have good eyesight, but it just gives you a (somewhat) unsafe feeling not to be in a lit hallway.

    • The minutes apparently contained “too much information.”

      Some lighting will be improved through routine maintenance. More involved changes are not budgeted. So why the “trial” lighting and all the talk?

  2. What kind of party are they planning?

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