Ask a Simple Question

We have had major problems with our microwave oven and clothes dryer ducts for years. Briefly, the two appliances cannot function at or near the same time. Repairs and fixes have been applied but to no avail. As a result, we can only do laundry after 11 p.m. to avoid conflict. Now we must replace the microwave so investigating our options has come into focus.

The focus is on duct work. If we opt to vent the new microwave into the unit as the board has recommended, the question of capping off the duct comes into play, and to my knowledge has never been addressed. We have spoken to several professionals, each with differing solutions. So the question went to the building committee.

I sent off an email to the chairman of our building committee with a copy to the property manager. The property manager responded promptly, stating that any microwave installer could handle the task, contrary to what we have otherwise been told. From the building committee chairman, however, I received no response. My husband, whose email address was not included, received the response instead.

The question did not get answered. Instead emails were exchanged with the building committee chairman insisting on carte blanche to use our unit as “a learning tool.” He offered no explanation, no answers, instead sending inflammatory responses and demands.

Our research clearly shows that experts agree that venting to the outside is best. Furthermore, that is how the duct system was designed to work in the first place. How to make it work properly is apparently rocket science.


3 responses to “Ask a Simple Question

  1. By choosing to go out of his way to take extra effort to ignore your letter’s signer and instead respond to your male spouse, your building committee chair has violated Federal law and trampled upon your civil rights. You have the basis of a sexual discrimination suit against your management. You might inform your condo management of this. Or not.

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