Mailing Made Easy

Just about all of our postal needs can be handled quickly and easily, and just a few short blocks away from home. The UPS Store on the PSU campus handles mailing of USPS and DHL parcels, as well as UPS packages as its name indicates. The staff there will even assist in figuring out which mailing service will provide the best service for a particular package – fastest delivery or the least expensive, etc.

In addition to shipping, they provide packaging service, shipping supplies, mailboxes,  notary and faxing services, and more.

The UPS Store
Urban Plaza on the PSU campus
1819 SW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97201

(SW 5th Avenue between Montgomery and Harrison Streets)


If you need to pick up a package from the post office,  that remains a crosstown trek. All other postal needs can be accomplished right here.


3 responses to “Mailing Made Easy

    • Sadly, there are lots of bad apples in this world. However, we met the owners of this UPS store and they are lovely, caring people. Their goal, now 3 years in the making, is to be a part of the community and to provide the best service possible. “AWESOME” is accurate in this case.

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