April Board Meeting Notes

Item: New but unnamed welcoming committee formed. Conviviality?

Permission for website requested.

Board recommends property manager’s website. $50 per month!

Item:  Wireless doorbells permitted, per new specs.

Item:  Artwork – 2015 budget. Make that 2014. So go.

Item:  Bill former tenant for $1,500 wall repair. Ask. Maybe they’ll pay!

Item:  Balcony (deck) work – leave key for access.

Item:  Smoking violation – round up a witness.

Item:  Next meeting = annual meeting = board seat elections. Be there!


6 responses to “April Board Meeting Notes

  1. Smoking witness? Follow them around and see if they ever duck into Mellow Moods.

    • To clarify, if someone is smoking on their balcony every night at midnight, for example, and the smoke drifts into your unit, get a neighbor to come in to your unit to witness the illegal/offending activity. Presumably, same rule would apply to noise violations, etc.

      • Or you could slide down from the level above in the dead of night and collect any butt evidence you could lay your forceps on!

        • At one point, our deck served as an ashtray for our then upstairs neighbors. Collecting evidence was easy. DNA testing is expensive though. I don’t know the costs involved to subpoena a witness but it seems unlikely that anyone would voluntarily testify against another neighbor’s crime, especially when not directly affected. Somehow that detracts from neighborliness.

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