The ICE Age

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (2005) came the realization that in a disaster, victims  needing assistance must be identified and their medical needs must be determined, and quickly. Often victims are incapacitated, or cannot speak for any number of reasons, family members may have been separated, etc.

From Katrina was born the concept of ICE contacts – In Case of Emergency.

Emergency personnel today know to check your cell phone for ICE (In Case of Emergency). ICE should be on every cell phone. In fact, it is recommended that two ICE contacts be listed, the primary emergency contact, and a backup contact.

So, add your ICE contact to the contacts on your cell phone. The contact name should be ICE. Provide as much information as possible in your ICE entry, including the name and relationship of the emergency contact person, their phone, email address, work phone, and so on. Remember to provide a second emergency contact, also named ICE, also with complete information.

Use the ADD PHOTO function to associate this picture or something similar of your choice:

This could save your life.



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