Café Yumm!

It is “world food,” explained our Café Yumm! host with great enthusiasm. Café Yumm! opened about eight months ago on SW 6th Avenue and Montgomery Street. A second newer location is on Morrison and SW 3rd Avenue. Its unique menu boasts food choices with an emphasis on organic foods, whole grains, vegan diet, and blends of tastes creating a unique dining experience. From jasmine rice, quesadillas, teriyaki sauce, southwest chili, and more, Café Yumm! takes ideas from around the globe and combines them to create new sensations. Their mission is “to serve beautiful, delicious, healthful, high-quality, soul-satisfying, deeply nourishing food – food that makes our customers exclaim, ‘Yumm!’” in a casual and comfortable environment.

Yumm bowls combine beans and rice in tasty combinations with other foods and toppings. Their specialty Yumm sauce is made from garbanzo beans, canola oil, and garlic, and probably a few additional seasonings.

Pictured: 1) Cafe Yumm! on SW 6th Avenue; 2) salmon burger with Yumm sauce and tortilla chips; and 3) Yumm bowl with chicken, jasmine rice, black beans, chili and toppings.

For those who would like to experience free Wi-Fi away from our community room, Café Yumm! has that, too.


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